My 2017 Resolution Report Card

Two years ago, I started a “Year in Review” exercise to reflect on my progress during the year and to understand where I could do better. It’s also a great reflection exercise to prepare me for my resolutions for the upcoming year. In the full spirit of transparency I’ve decided to review those goals and to grade myself on how I did.

Goal: Keep Going Out Of Your Comfort Zone B+

For most of my life, I’ve use some sort of framework (costs/benefits, pro’s/cons etc) to make decisions, mitigate risk and increase my chances of success. And while that’s proven to be a great strategy it’s also prevented me from taking risks and stepping outside of my comfort zone. It’s something I’ve realized over the past few years, and last year I made it a priority to push myself to take my risks.

In 2017, I made progress towards this goal in a number of ways. I challenged myself to change my eating and dietary habits, pushed myself to build relationships, traveled to new places and wrote/blogged as much as I ever have before. Not to mention, I finally took the plunge and left consulting for a new opportunity. This is a goal that I hope to keep with me for the rest of my life, but I’m proud of what I did in 2017.

Goal:Continue to Invest in Relationships in San Francisco A-

In 2015 and 2016, I spent the majority of my time on the road, which made it difficult to invest in meeting friends and building relationships in San Francisco. So last year, I made it a goal of mine to invest the time to do just that, and overall, I felt like I did a good job. I made a much stronger and intentional effort to reach out to friends, organize group events, or just catch someone for coffee or a quick hello. I even started somewhat of a monthly brunch club!

I will admit, there was some uncertainty or hesitation at times. It may sound silly, but there’s always this fear of rejection or embarrassment that others don’t want to spend time with you. However, most of that was just in my head, and even when things didn’t pan out I’m glad I made the effort.


Goal: Focus on Improving the Community I live in C+

Since I can now call San Francisco home, I felt it was important to invest in shaping and improving the community. This is an area where I felt I came up short, as I didn’t get nearly as involved as I would have hoped to.

Goal: Inspiring others around me A-

This is a bit of a soft and amorphous goal, but one that I think is really important. I chose this one based off of some feedback that I got in a performance review, but also because given the state of affairs in the world right now I felt that it was something that I could do to contribute “my part,” and I thought I delivered on this promise.

2017 was a year unlike any other that I’ve seen in my life, and I’m fortunate to have had many positive things come out of it, and I look forward to achieving even more for 2018.

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