My Goals for 2018

To follow a yearly tradition, in a previous post I evaluated my progress against my goals. In this one, I’ll outline my goals for 2018, and highlight the areas where I hope to focus my time and energy for the upcoming year.

Build Skills for my new job

Since I recently transitioned into a new job and career, I am learning a great deal about a new function and trade. While I’m happy with the move and the progress I’ve made so far, I want to continue to build my skills and competency as a marketer, since it looks like I’ll be in this field for awhile. Whether it’s attending marketing events, networking with other marketers, or aligning my side-hustles to get hands on skills, I want to accelerate my learning in 2018

Redevelop new routine

The new job means that I’ll have significantly less travel. In addition, I also moved to a new apartment. With all this change, I need to rethink my routines in order to make the most of my time and ensure that I’m focusing on the right activities. Whether it’s re-thinking my gym schedule, finding time during the week to see friends, or figuring out how to make the most of my weekend, I want to re-develop a new routine and stick to it in the new year.

Take initiative for building friendships

It’s taken time, but I am starting to finally build out a good group of friends here in San Francisco. Traveling every week for 2.5 years made it more challenging to build friendships, but even in spite of that making new friends and building relationships takes a lot of effort. It can be hard when building new friendships to want to invest the time and effort in a new friendship, especially when you only have limited time to begin with, but that shouldn’t be the reason why you choose to not invest in any relationships. For 2018, I want to take the initiative in investing in these relationships, and making the most of being in San Francisco and having more time to spend on things that I care about.

Transition from Thinking to Doing

2017 was a lot of reflecting, thinking and musing about the future. Obviously, there was a lot of doing in terms of making the transition and going through a job interview process, but I invested a lot of time in the thinking piece in order to get there. I want to flip it in 2018, and while I’ll always be thinking, focus more on the “Doing.” Yes, reflection is great, but doing and executing is where things happen, and that needs to be a focal point for 2018

Focus in on “Side Projects”

Since I can remember, I’ve always had a side-project or two that I’ve worked on which has helped me channel my creative energy and passions. While this has been great, I seem to be juggling a lot of balls in the air, and am not making as much progress since it’s hard to focus on so many things at once. In 2018, one of my goals will be to do an audit of all the ongoing “side projects” and make some big bets as to where I want to focus my time moving forward.

Travel somewhere new

In 2017, I got the chance to visit a lot of places I always visit (ex: DC, Boston, NYC, Chicago, LA) and also got to visit some new places (Palm Springs, Hawaii) I want to continue to visit old favorites but also continue to expand into new ones as well.

2017 brought change and new opportunities. I’m looking forward to exploring some of these paths further, and excited for what’s in store!

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