Tips for Applying to Jobs at my Company

Thanks for your interest! I’m glad you reached out and am happy to help. I’ve been fortunate to conduct many informational interviews and job search calls over the years and have put together a checklist of things that can help you get started in your search process.

Check out job descriptions – Check out our Careers page and browse through the postings to see what you are a fit for. For every position you’re interested in, recommend reading the job description and skills required section. Afterwards, identify how many of those skills you believe you have from your previous work experience that match up to the job description to determine if you are a good fit.

Read up on our company, industry, and market – There is a ton of information about us on our website, in the news and in social media. Check out some of the following resources to get a better sense of the company, industry, market, and competition landscape.

  1. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff: Our $20 billion revenue target just became that much more attainable
  2. How Salesforce Built a $10 Billion Empire from a CRM
  3. How CEO Marc Benioff Drives Relentless Forward Thinking at Salesforce
  4. Nonstop Benioff: Inside The Master Networker’s Audacious Plan To Disrupt Salesforce — And The World
  5. Salesforce’s Marc Benioff Has Kicked Off New Era of Corporate Social Activism
  6. Salesforce Trailhead makes the paper resume obsolete
  7. Salesforce Economy to Create 3.3 Million New Jobs by 2022
  8. How Your Life Experience Could Help You Land a Great Job
  9. What is Salesforce? – Quora

Read up on our people, culture, and customers – We have a huge social media presence. Check out some of the following resources to get a better sense of who we are:

  1. Salesforce Twitter
  2. Trailhead
  3. Salesforce YouTube Channel
  4. Salesforce Careers
  5. Customer Success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  6. Dreamforce
  7. FutureForce Instagram

Prepare For the Process – Every successful journey starts with a plan! Make sure to prepare by taking time to refine your resume & LinkedIn profile, researching information on the company, conducting other informational interviews and preparing for the interview process. If you need guidance on any of these, check out some of the materials I’ve put together over the years

  1. Networking Tips
  2. More Networking Tips
  3. Informational Interviewing
  4. Resume Prep
  5. Interview Prep
  6. Interviewing
  7. Interviewing
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