Welcome! My name is Al Dea. When I’m not running, traveling, or enjoying the outdoors in the Bay Area, I’m probably catching up with friends or family, writing over on MBASchooled or The Muse, coaching professionals on career and leadership development, or attempting to try every single coffee shop in the Bay Area.

A few years ago I began informally coaching and mentoring people through their careers, advising friends on their job search, and serving as a guide through major career and life decisions. I found that I not only was able to have a positive impact, but that I really loved listening to peoples stories and helping them however I could along their journey.

After enjoying coaching and being told that I had a knack for providing advice, I started writing and blogging about career related topics and issues. I’ve written on several online and digital media platforms and currently run MBASchooled, a site specifically geared for MBA students. Some of my work been featured on websites such as Business Insider, Time, and The World Economic Forum.

I plan to use this site to talk more generally about careers, life, and professional development especially for young  professionals. There’s a lot of  content on this site, so I recommend checking this link out to get started.

I truly enjoy talking about careers, answering questions, and providing thoughts, and I know I can learn from everyone, so please feel free to follow me on Twitter if you’d like to chat.

Bio And Background

I was born and raised in Rochester, New York, and am the youngest of two. I live in San Francisco, but have previously lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Boston, MA, and Rochester, New York. I’m a proud alum of Boston College (Bachelors) and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (MBA)

I currently work at a consulting firm in San Francisco, CA, and advise clients on solving challenges at the intersection of digital technology, org transformation, and leadership.

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