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Don’t (Just) think about Passion

When it comes to careers, it’s hard not to ignore phrases such as “do what you love” or “follow your passion.” While those sayings are well intended and provide great aspirations, if you’re embarking on your job search journey I encourage you to also consider another question that is equally important: “Where are you going […]

My Goals for 2018

To follow a yearly tradition, in a previous post I evaluated my progress against my goals. In this one, I’ll outline my goals for 2018, and highlight the areas where I hope to focus my time and energy for the upcoming year. Build Skills for my new job Since I recently transitioned into a new […]

My 2017 Resolution Report Card

Two years ago, I started a “Year in Review” exercise to reflect on my progress during the year and to understand where I could do better. It’s also a great reflection exercise to prepare me for my resolutions for the upcoming year. In the full spirit of transparency I’ve decided to review those goals and […]