I am a speaker and guest lecturer at industry conferences, events, and colleges & universities across the U.S. I  cover topics such as career management, leadership development, workplace culture, and the future of work.

I use the power of storytelling to combine academic research, industry trends, and personal insights to engage audiences with both theoretical frameworks and practical knowledge they can apply when they return home. I focus on empowering people with the confidence to take action.

Below are sample topics; please feel free to contact me if you’d like to schedule a talk or discuss a customized presentation.

Speaking to students at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Navigating Career Transitions

Trying to get ahead but not sure where to start? Most people struggle to identify what’s causing workplace struggles, but after working with hundreds of clients through career transitions I’ve learned a lot about navigating transitioning careers. This session covers how to understand what’s causing you to think about a career change, key steps to take once you know you want to change, and best practices for identifying and securing a new career opportunity.

The Secret Recipe For a Great workplace culture

In the War For Talent, the secret to attracting and retaining top talent to drive success lies in your ability to build a strong workplace culture. Drawing on my work with numerous startups and Fortune 500 organizations, this session focuses on what culture is, why it matters, and how you can build a workplace culture that aligns with your mission while attracts talent to help you find success.

Career 101: Lessons for navigating the working world

College and internships are great ways to learn, but nothing beats real world experience when it comes to career lessons. This session highlights important career lessons that will help you advance and grow in the workplace.

Owning Your Career: How to define and achieve your own vision of Career success

The most qualified, equipped and motivated person to manage your career is yourself. You are the best person to determine your value-add and aspirations and to work towards achieving them. It takes time, effort, due diligence and discipline to strategize and execute our plan. This session will focus on how individuals can “own” their careers. We’ll cover best practices for defining a career strategy and building a roadmap to help you achieve your version of career success.